A seed for every need.

Our goal at The Seed House is to help you have your most profitable season yet. Let us get to know your farm operation’s need and make specialized seed recommendations just for you.

We pair industry knowledge with local experts.

Industry-wide Knowledge

Our people are up-to-date on the latest seeding trends and have a broad understanding of all of our partnered brands offerings.

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Extensive Product Availability

We have an extensive list of products including seed for corn, soybeans, grasses, organic, cover crops, and more.

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Full Seed Service

Our services include customized seed planning, custom seed blending, seed treatment, and post-season follow-up.

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Local Expertise

We hire local people that are experts in the area, and we also have the ability to reach out to our other U.S. locations for products and specialized information.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Our experts take the time to select genetics and innovative traits, so you can be sure you’re getting the best from the beginning. When a product makes it all the way through the advancement process, that hybrid or variety has already gone through 5-6 years of local testing. It’s a very rigorous process to ensure you get only the best.


These experts know how to examine, pinpoint, and address local and regional soils, climate, pests, diseases, and end-use markets. Then they put that knowledge to use, tapping the best technology to protect your yields from weeds and pests by using genetics that thrive in your local market.


Because our growers are positioned across very diverse regions of the country with very diverse needs, Wilbur-Ellis seed leverages genetics from truly global genetic pools. We also have partnership agreements with all trait providers. This combination of global genetics, elite seed technologies, and local expertise is the core of our success.

Most seed companies know the importance of putting in the effort to advance their technologies. But with The Seed House and Wilbur-Ellis, you have a few key advantages over the competition:


We have a deep understanding of crop protection products, pesticide applications and what that relationship with seed technologies means for you.


Our deep relationships with organizations that guide production agriculture (Bayer, Corteva, Syngenta, BASF) allow us to be on the forefront of new technologies and trend paradigm shifts.


We have the scale to make things happen, but with the people and local expertise to truly provide a solution for you, not just a catch-all.

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