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Our Contacts

Contact Don, Flavia, Tad or Karmen and ask about and ask about our special services. We look forward to working with you on your grass, grains, forages, feeds, and other seed needs.

For more information about special services, our your seed needs contact:

About Our Company

We are located in North Central Nebraska in O'Neill - Holt County. We are predominately a center pivot irrigation production area. Our production in the area consists of yellow corn, popcorn, soybeans, edible beans, potatoes and several small grains.

We are dealers for Dekalb, Asgrow,Channel, Hoegemeyer, Legend, LG, Mycogen, and NK for corn and soybeans. Working with these companies gives us the ability to offer our customers some of the best genetics available in the industry. We are also a dealer for Organic Corn Company, who's quality is one of the industry staples. All of our small grains, which include oats, winter wheat, spring wheat and rye is locally produced and most of it under irrigation which gives us high quality and volume.